Is Your Skate Ramp Being Invaded With Termites?

What are the signs of the presence of termites in your wooden skate ramps? If you notice tunnels in the coping, there is a big risk that you will have a termite infestation. They constantly leave clues to their presence, including dry or wet mud trails in on the plywood and the support legs and garages. Another clue: deformed, stained, discolored, or striated wood. If, when you knock on wood, you hear a hollow sound, this is also a sign that termites may have damaged your home.

What Types Of Ramps Do Termites attack?

Underground termites build four different types of tunnels: working tunnels, displacement tunnels, exploration tunnels, and descent tunnels.

Work tunnels

  • Connect the nests in the ground to the timber frames.
  • Visible on concrete or stone foundations.

Travel and exploration tunnels

  • Emerge from the ground.
  • Are not connected to wood frames.

Descent tunnels

  • Go back from the wooden frames to the ground.

Why Should We Worry About Swarmers?

In the spring, termite colonies give rise to winged or swarming breeders. These winged adults resemble flying ants and live away from the colony. Swarmers are breeding termites whose goal is to establish a new colony. If you are not vigilant, you could end up with more than one colony on your property.

Swarming usually occurs after a downpour, on a hot day. It is that termites love moisture and light. The presence of a single breeder can mean that your home is infested.

What Steps Can Be Taken Before Termite Treatment?

Before you call the best San Diego Termite Inspection Company for a check, you can conduct your own little survey. Our Friends in San Diego, CA|Turbo Termite will tell you to have a screwdriver and flashlight on hand. The inspection consists of identifying exposed tunnels and damaged wood.

Squeeze your screwdriver on pieces of the frame and inspect the surfaces of your home’s foundation, inside and out. Focus especially on areas where the wood is in contact with or close to the ground. One of the clues that there are swarmers in the vicinity is the presence of wings on the ground.

You will have to go to the most remote corners of your basement and into the crawl space. Exercise caution to avoid injury. Keep in mind that points of contact between wood structures and concrete (such as steps and balconies) can also be infested. As a preventive measure, you can also scrape off damaged wood, remove old coping, and replace old support posts.
If you are wanting to know more about these gnarly little critters check out Turbo Termites Info Page By Clicking Here!