Private Skateboarding Lessons

We have skateboarding classes for all levels. It doesn’t matter if you are a competitive rider or a novice with no prior notions, we guarantee to take your Skateboarding skills to a higher level.

If you want a monitor exclusively for you and receive private and personalized classes, this is your option.

Skateboard Lessons | My Nephew-in-Law Andy giving a few tips… | Flickr

In addition to perfecting your technique and learning new skills, you will meet people who like to enjoy the water just like you.

Duration:  90 minutes.

Price:  €80

Suitable for all levels

Individualized class adapted to your needs.

Benefits:  increased strength and flexibility, work on the deep muscles, the abdominal core, balance, body awareness and the stabilizing muscles of the body. Reduction of stress and mental and physical tension.