Skating Classes

We are starting a new and exciting 2021/22 season, in which we have expanded our offer of schools, schedules and areas where we are going to teach skating classes in Seville and some nearby municipalities.

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Skating Classes in Seville

If you live in the capital of Seville, Gines, Bormujos, Santiponce, or a municipality close to any of these areas, you should know that from today you can learn to skate in Seville.

We have also extended the hours, with the sole objective of being able to offer you more possibilities to organize yourself, and choose the day of the week, the area and the time that best suits you.

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LEVELS of learning

It doesn’t matter what level you have. If you have never skated before, we will start by learning how to put on our skates and protections correctly. We will stand up, we will crouch… This is how we start in our Initiation Level.

From here, you will be expanding your skating technique, and who knows? The same we have to include you in our Level of Improvement.