How to Play a Game of Skate

In this article we are going to teach you the rules of a game of skate.

The Game of Skate is the most typical game in Skateboarding, go to the country you go to, you know that everyone can play a SKATE, since it is known worldwide.

The dynamics of the game is very simple, although depending on the geographical area it may vary a bit, normally it is as follows:

One person does a trick, the others have to do the same, if one of them fails, a letter. Once one of the participants completes the word SKATE, it is eliminated. The last letter gets a second chance. The last one left wins.

If a trick doesn’t quite work or almost works, or you step on it and then can’t keep your balance, it’s repeated. This is decided by those who play the Game of Skate or the jury.

Normally, to choose the shifts, some kind of draw is made, or simply by their own decision. A common game is a Rock, paper and scissors, whoever wins has the privilege of being the first and choosing a trick, then it is repeated for the second, third place and those that are needed. When a skater who has to choose a trick fails, it is directly up to the next one to choose, without putting a letter. When he gets to the last turn he touches the first one again.

There are many variants and rules specific to each group of people, for example:

  • Grab tricks are valid or not.
  • Value or not all those tricks in which you have to put one foot on the ground.
  • To repeat the trick you have two attempts.

All these internal rules are usually agreed upon at the beginning of SKATE to avoid misunderstandings.

Another modification or variant is usually the following: to prevent a very good skater from doing tricks without stopping and without failing and eliminating the others all at once, the turn changes whether the trick falls or not. In this way, opportunities are given to everyone equally.

There is always the typical skater who doesn’t leave the rest a chance. For example: One person does a 360 flip, the rest have to do it, when everyone tries, it’s the next person’s turn to put a letter, it doesn’t matter if the one who did the 360 ​​flip did it. So, whoever sets has only one turn to set, whether the trick falls or not. (Remember that this is just one more variant of the game, it doesn’t have to be played like this).

Logically, not only do they have to be trick SKATE on the ground (Flat), they can also be on a module, ramp, stairs…