Skating Hazard Extreme Boarding develops sports activities aimed at educational and training purposes in the practice of skateboarding and whose purpose is teach participants to perfect themselves in this sport in a simple, entertaining, efficient and safe way, while traveling, they get to know new places and spaces to skate and learn to relate and live with other children from the same environment who have as a common denominator, skateboarding.

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The main objective is to use physical education and sports as means to promote personal and social development, as well as the physical and psychological capacity in interpersonal relationships, knowing and appreciating the fundamental values ​​and norms of  coexistence in a  different environment.

Beyond the technical training we have scheduled, for all those who wish, complementary activities:


Theoretical classes at the academy at the language center and oral classes on the skate. It is a way of learning with a high significance, since students learn through practice, while playing sports.

—Workshop Activity—

Initiation in the world of the workshop so that they learn to give basic maintenance to their material and thus know how to value it and take care of it appropriately.

—Camps And Outings—

We do several outings a year related to the different varieties of our sport, trampolines, surfing, competitions, and events.

—Trampoline Workouts—

Trampoline sessions, this provides an ideal air time for the transfer to freestyle, in addition, the coach has extensive experience both personally and in teaching.