Our Story

Founded in 1995, thanks to the initiative of sports and active lifestyle enthusiasts, the Skating Hazard Extreme Boarding was born with the premise of sharing, growing and evolving in a safe, constant and open way. Sustained work over time is the key to the development of athletes as well as one of the healthiest and most fun ways to grow accompanied by friends and nature.

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We must emphasize that the Skating Hazard Extreme Boarding is the winner of the freealevĂ­n snowboard cup of AndalucĂ­a for 2 consecutive years and we continue to expand frontiers.

From 7 to 99 years old, Skating Hazard Extreme Boarding offers the combination of two fascinating worlds, language and skateboarding. The search for a safe and fun progression will guide your steps through sports progression, while we work English in an active and practical way, all helped by the different facilities that will facilitate the evolution of each of our students.

Instructors and teachers dedicated 100% to the world of skating will be responsible for promoting that fluency both in speaking English and in mastering skating.