About Us

The Skating Hazard Extreme Boarding sports club is a non-profit entity that has been promoting skateboarding in Seville and Andalusia for more than 15 years. It is made up of skaters of all ages who want to promote the practice of skateboarding, always under the principles of non-discrimination, camaraderie and the healthy practice of skateboarding. 

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The club has organized numerous events over the years, including the annual skatehalloween championships, exhibitions of world-class professional skaters and the finals of the European skateboarding championships. Its school is also very important, in which new skaters come into contact with this sport in a safe and fun way, or perfect their skater technique at a more advanced level. 

At Skating Hazard Extreme Boarding we continue to work day by day for skaters, providing them with assistance of all kinds, participating in the Andalusian and Spanish Federations, offering advice to anyone who requests it and collaborating with the Public Administration and private entities to continue promoting the practice of skateboarding.