How to Make Your Own Custom Gaming PC?

Forget the times when “building a PC” literally meant spending hours with a soldering iron and a room full of wires. As frightening as it can be, today assembling a gaming rig it’s easier then ever. Key instruments are a bit of care, some patience,  rivers of help guides than can be quickly found online and, of course, the right components.

Let’s start this checklist with the brain of our PC: no organisms, alive or digital, can function correctly without an organ that directs its subordinates. The motherboard, in conjunction with the CPU, does exactly this and should be the … Read the rest

AMD vs NVIDIA: Which is the Better Choice?

If the everlasting processors’ war with Intel wasn’t enough, AMD made a huge leap in 2006 when they bought the legacy, brand recognition and, most of all, technology of ATI. Since then the American multinational has been in  a new conflict with the other GPU’s giant: Nvidia. The huge underdog however could count on a loyal fanbase that, after a transitional period of four years, was finally able to implement a full-AMD setup on their machines, with all the pros and cons that followed.

Price-wise, Nvidia and its rival are almost running side-by-side. Both have a budget line that is … Read the rest

What to Expect From Laptops Under 300?

When speaking about budget gaming you surely can’t go any lower than sub-300 $ laptops. Often regarded as the worst way to enter into the portable gaming world, these machines are usually designed for other jobs, such as light online-based activities, writing and business chores. Despite the bitter claims, you’ll be surprised by how many games can be played on these systems.

First of all, forget about triple A titles and the most popular titles of the last three to five years: there’s little to no chance of being able to play them at decent frame rates, even with … Read the rest